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5 Dozen HaloShield Flat Sheets


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New Technologically Advanced Bed Linens are the Latest Development in Battle Against Hospital Acquired Infections The latest advancement in the battle against hospital-acquired infections isn't a new antibiotic drug, surgical procedure, protective apparel or even a sanitizer It is bed linens treated with HaloShield, a patented technology that harnesses the antimicrobial properties of chlorine bleach to kill infection-causing pathogens Healthcare professionals have long considered bed linen to be a potential source of bacteria colonization and cross infection In fact, guidelines from the CDC as well as the Fundamentals of Nursing textbook warn practitioners to "handle contaminated textiles and fabrics with minimum agitation to avoid contamination of air, surfaces and persons BH Industries, Inc, the leading provider of textiles to the health care industry in the US, licenses HaloShield from Vanson HaloSource, with exclusive rights to distribute HaloShield-treated hospital sheets, pillowcases, scrubs and gowns in North and South America How Does HaloShield Work? HaloShield is a special treatment applied to the sheet during the manufacturing process that harnesses the power of chlorine bleach to destroy the actual cell walls of the microbe, leaving nothing left to regenerate As the HaloShield treated sheets are laundered with chlorine bleach, the special HaloShield treatment will grab the chlorine molecules and anchor them to the surface of the HaloShield treatment When microbes come into contact with the sheet, the chlorine kills the microbes within minutesHospital laundry protocols have long relied on chlorine-based sanitizers to kill and contain the spread of infection-causing viruses and bacteria in bed linens and other materials Chlorine is perhaps the best antimicrobial agent in the world HaloShield is the first and only coating that prolongs and enhances chlorine's antimicrobial properties between launderings The antimicrobial properties of the chlorine are renewed each time the HaloShield sheet is laundered in an EPA-registered chlorine-based sanitizer, consistent with standard hospital protocolHaloShield is Effective, Safe and Automatic 999% of bacteria are killed within minutes of contacting HaloShield treated sheets laundered with chlorine bleach Best of all, the power of HaloShield will last the lifetime of the fabric! Even after 75 processings, 998% of bacteria are killed within minutes HaloShield is also safe HaloShield sheets have undergone extensive toxicology and skin irritation testing and were found to be non-irritating to the skin HaloShield is automatic No monitoring or special procedures to follow HaloShield is thus a smart, protective measure that will add strength to any hospital's infection control protocol Soft-Span Sheet will stretch up to 48 wide and 88 long

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